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Winter Blunderland
Winter Blunderland.png
Writer Paul Rose
Air Date 18 December 2006
Episode 14
Season 8
Big Head

Winter Blunderland is the fourteenth and final episode of Series Eight and final episode of the show overall.


Brian and Sophie find a huge Christmas tree. Without knowing how much energy it uses up, it threatens to blow up the spaceship. Eddie gets his confiscated Christmas present back and Jaq comes back home. Dan, Becky, Eddie and Jaq need to de-frost Brian and Sophie. After de-frosting them the meltdown only has 30 seconds left. Sophie's too frightend to press one of the four buttons and with three seconds left will the spaceship blow up or not? At the last second someone presses a button, but who is it and is it the wrong button??


Jaq refuses to acknowledge Christmas due to the death of her parents/ Brian and Sophie try and work out the meaning of Christmas, and upon discovering it is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ bring home a Mexican waiter named Jesus. Jesus makes it away with the presents.

Due to Brian overheating the ship with a large Christmas Tree, the ship's Guido system locks down the ship and prepares for a nuclear meltdown which would mean the end of the world. In the living room where Brian and Sophie are they are engulfed by ice and snow as part of the meltdown.

Eddie sneaks into his school in order to retrieve a present Mr. Rockwell confiscated. But it turns out Mr. Rockwell is doing work at the school due to the loneliness. The pair make up and Mr. Rockwell allows Eddie to have the present back.

The Bennets arrive at the living room and unfreeze Brian and Sophie so they can help stop the meltdown. But when Brian and Sophie can't work out which button to press, Dan makes a last second decision and hits a button, which averts the meltdown.

Brian and Sophie and the children then partake in a snowball fight with the leftover snow, and Brian lobs himself in the face with one.


  • It's unlikely that the counter reaching zero would have started the nuclear meltdown, as the series four episode "Brian of the Brownies" reveals that Valuxians actually count down to minus 10. Brian and Sophie fail to mention this, although the same happened in "Brian of the Brownies".