Brian and Sophie Valuxian appearance

Brian and Sophie's Valuxian appearance in the cartoon intro.


Valuxians are the native species of Valux.

The creatures can survive extreme heat, although appear to be adaptable on other worlds especially earth, although their ability to mutate and shapeshift maybe a factor in this.

Although their true form isn't seen in live-action, the cartoon depiction of Brian and Sophie in their true form does give some insight. They appear to be blob-like humanoid creatures with one large eye and two antennas on the head. Even though the cartoon shows the true form of Brian and Sophie with four-fingered hands, dialogue within the show seems to indicate the Valuxians have long tentacles that they can wrap themselves with.

Their planet is located on another galaxy, and they possess out-of-date information on planet earth which needs updated regularly (and the same can be guessed for other worlds and cultures). The species also can live for a very long time, way passed that of a human being. They also seem an advanced race, as they are able to travel between their home planet and earth within five years.

Facts about ValuxiansEdit

  • Valuxians believe the universe was created from the bodily secretions of a giant space tortoise called Kevin.
  • The third great Valuxian war started when somebody made fun of the emperor's gammy tentacle.
  • Valuxians consider buttock sweat a delicacy.

Comic continuationEdit

The Valuxians will appear as the primary antagonists in the My Parents are Aliens comic continuation labelled "Series Nine". It transpires that their scheme to get updated knowledge on the human race is all part of a long-planned alien incursion. Seventeen years on since Brian and Sophie's arrival on earth, but a decade since their memory wipe and proper mission, the aliens are now prepared to invade earth and are lying in wait to strike.