Terrence "Trent" Clements
Occupation Student
Family {{{family}}}
First seen The Challenge
Last seen Thanks for all the Earthworm Custard
Portrayer Keith Warwick

Terence "Trent" Clements is Mel's long-time friend. He endures Mel's mood swings with resignation and good humour, and it is hinted that he is romantically interested in her.

He however has been distracted by other girls. (The Invosibibble Mam) He has often been insulted by Mel, which he accepts. When he and Mel have a bet that Mel doesn't insult him he breaks first. (The Musical) They finally get together in series 6. In series 7, it is revealed that his Scottish accent is fake. Trent befriends Harry after finding her using Mel's old locker.

He and Harry have a similar friendship to his and Mel's. (The Trouble with Harry) However he was teased by Lucy Barker for bending to Harry's will. (Fools of a Feather) Trent also shows that he looks out for her by trying his best to convince her to not enter a boxing competition. (Million Dollar Harry) he is now known as Embrodie boy as he likes sawing he also likes to cook as told by Granny Clements he also loves making rings to as he shows his work in a suitcase (Delboy Jr) he is also apart of Brian's new fashion company in Top Sports star