The Challenge is the first episode of the second series of My Parents Are Aliens.

Summary Edit

When Lucy wins tickets to see Blink 182 in a competition, Josh is desperate to take them off her hands - after all, he's a huge fan of the band, and Lucy's such a geek she's never even heard of Blink 182. Lucy agrees to give the tickets to Josh, but on one condition: Josh has to perform a truly unselfish deed in order to qualify for the tickets.

Of course it's a terrible struggle for the scam-meister, but Josh learns a whole lot about himself in the process. Elsewhere Mel is upset (though refuses to show it) when Trent appears to be going on a date with another girl. The confusion is resolved later when it turns out that Kelly is Trent's cousin, not his date and he and Mel become friends again.

Full plot Edit

'To be added'