Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard
Thanks for all the earthworm custard
Air Date 23 December 2005
Episode 20
Season 7
House Swarming Party
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Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard is the 20th episode of the seventh series of My Parents Are Aliens.

Summary Edit

Mel finds out that the children have -- or had -- an aunt and uncle in Canada who look suspiciously like Brian and (the original) Sophie. They confront Brian and Sophie, who admit that, seven years ago, they met Josh, Mel and Lucy's aunt and uncle at the children's home - and then, after the aunt and uncle realized that they were aliens, the aunt and uncle were kidnapped and kept in suspended animation in the attic for seven years. The children insist that they let them free, and everyone realizes that it is time to move on. Josh, Mel, Lucy, Harry and CJ all move to Canada with the real Brian and Sophie Johnson, and the aliens appear to go back home to Valux; however, Brian presses the big red button that caused the pair to crash-land on Earth in the first place (as seen during the intro), setting the stage for series 8.


  • This features the special guest appearances of Barbara Durkin as Aunt Sophie and Danielle McCormack as Mel.
  • When Pete and Frankie see Aunt Sophie, they note that she is familiar and questions whether or not they have met, referring to Sophie Johnson originally having her form.
  • This episode retcons the events from the episode Aliens Go Home as in that episode it was claimed that Brian and Sophie had first morphed from two people from Crimewatch before taking on the role as Brian and Sophie. It was revealed that Brian got his appearance from a magazine, instead of Uncle Brian.
  • This episode is seen by fans of the show as the true final episode of the series, as it features the final appearances of the original children and the original characters as in the next series (dubbed Phase 2) Brian and Sophie end up in a new setting with new character, and their memories are wiped forgetting the last 7 series.
  • Mr. Whiteside asks Josh whether or not Brian actually kidnapped and locked him up in the cupboard, an event which took place in the episode Educating Sophie.
  • It is mentioned that it would take 5 years for Brian and Sophie to fly to Valux and back.
  • Brian and Sophie modify the memories of Wendy, Pete and Frankie so they don't know they are aliens. It is unclear why they didn't do the same to Uncle Brian and Aunt Sophie rather then kidnap them and keep them imprisoned for seven years.