Textual Relations is the first episode of Series Four, originally broadcast on the 2nd September 2002.

Plot SummaryEdit

It's Brian and Sophie's phone-a-versary, made up by Josh, and Sophie gives Brian a mobile. When Sophie is waiting for her gift, Brian has forgot, so he wraps her up a piece of bacon. Lucy tells Sophie that when you buy a present for someone, the present they buy should cost the same. Sophie then tells Brian she expects a decent gift or she'll file for divorce.

At school, Josh asks Pete or Frankie if either have done their maths homework, but neither have and Josh has no one to copy from. Josh instantly falls for a teacher, Miss Parker, who is standing in for Mr Whiteside whilst he's ill.

At home, Josh asks Lucy if she'll help him with his maths homework but Wendy and Lucy are going to junior astronomy club. Brian is suprised that Josh isn't going bowling because of homework and Lucy realises it probably won't happen again. Wendy and Josh encourage Lucy to help Josh.