Send Home The Valuxians Mainscreen

The main screen of the game.

Send Home The Valuxians is a online game based off My Parents Are Aliens, playable on the CITV website.


"The native Valuxians have heard about Brian and Sophie's poor parental prowess and have come en-masse to recover the hapless two metamorphs."


In this game you play as Brian inside the house in spaceship form, shooting ice cream at the incoming Valuxian ships, as it causes them to morph uncontrollably.

You get four chances per game, with an extra chance awarded every 2000 points.

In each level you face a fleet of Valuxian ships, their colours vary each level. It works a bit like Space Invaders, but unlike Space Invaders, the fleet stays in place doing nothing, aside from a certain ammount of ships which go out and attack your ship. In Level 1, the number of attacking ships is 1, in Level 2 the number of ships is 2 and so on.


  • It is unknown if the events of this game is canonical in the universe of My Parents Are Aliens, although it isn't mentioned, it could be possible to reconcile it into the canon of the show.
  • The graphics in this game are identical to the cartoon graphics as seen in the opening and end credits of My Parents Are Aliens.

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