Nobody's Perfect
Air Date 8 November 1999
Episode 1
Season 1
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Nobody's Perfect is the first episode of series 1 of My Parents Are Aliens and broadcast on the 8 November 1999.


When Mel skips school, her teacher Mr Coleman decides it's time to pay a home a visit. Meanwhile, Brian has developed an allergy that causes him to sneeze and morph uncontrollably.


The show introduces us to orphaned children the Barkers, who have been fostered by strange aliens known as Brian and Sophie who have crashed onto planet earth and originate from Valux.

Brian and Lucy jump about the bedroom pretending to be astronauts. When Brian begins to sneeze he questions Lucy what is happening to him, and she informs him what he is actually doing. The sneezing causes Brian to morph, which includes him growing a nose out of his ear. It returns to normal, the the pair of them resume their "space walk".

Mel is annoyed when she discovers Sophie and confronts her (who is taking part in the space walk) but Sophie is oblivious to her wrong, and feels she shouldn't have left it on long. Angry, Mel departs. Brian continues to sneeze, this time his nose temporarily becomes pointy.

Mel arrives at school three-hours late and is confronted by teacher Mr Coleman who questions her where she has been. Mr Coleman asks her if there is some kind of problem, but Mel sarcastically lists off common teenage problems, only causing Mr Coleman to threaten to take the matter further.

Josh joins his friends at school in the dining hall and they discuss about being invited to the party of a boy called Dave. Josh hopes to get an invitation, as Dave is cool.



  • Ironically, after Brian morphs again, Lucy says they've got another seven years bad luck. Ironically, the series would last for seven years before the Barkers departed.
  • In this episode, Josh's two side-kicks at school are Pete, as normal, and another kid, Mikey, who's also seen in the next couple of episodes. By the end of the first series, the familiar trio of Josh, Pete and Frankie would be in place.