Mel Barker
Character Information
Nicknames Mel
School SMS School
Occupation Student
Gender Female
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Brian Johnson (Foster Father)
Sophie Johnson (Foster Mother)
Brothers Josh Barker
CJ (Foster Brother)
Howie (Foster Brother)
Sisters Lucy Barker
Harry (Foster Sister)
Maisy (Foster Sister)
Relatives Uncle Brian (Uncle)
Aunt Sophie (Aunt)
Social Worker Mrs Reece
Production Information
First Episode Nobody's Perfect
Last Episode Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard
Series Series One to Series Seven
Played By Danielle McCormack

Melanie "Mel" Barker is the oldest of the Barker children.


Mel dresses in a unique and unusual way (A lot of the time she dresses like a tomboy). She has green eyes and brown hair (sometimes with coloured hair extensions and braids) she also has her ears pierced. By her last appearance in "Thanks for all the earth worm custard" she has dyed her hair red.


Mel is a moody, sarcastic and feisty teenager with her top priority always being her brother and sister Josh Barker and Lucy Barker (And in the last episode of series 7 "Thanks for all the earthworm custard" makes it clear that Harry and CJ also count as her family) In the earlier seasons Mel showed more of a rebellious difficult attitude towards adults; due to the pain of losing her parents and being continuously moved to different foster homes (also being separated from Lucy and Josh) In the later seasons her rebellious attitude softens and she appears more mature. She behaves in a tough independent manner, however deep down she is a caring kind-hearted person and this shows in certain episodes.

"Oh I see, your the moody loner type who pretends that she doesn't want to be loved when in fact that's all she really wants" -Sophie Johnson ("Aliens go home")



Mel smiling


Series 1'Edit

a young Mel arrives with Lucy and Josh in Nobody,s Perfect nearly stole a Walkman and loves to wear Trousers

Series 2Edit

Colthes are beginning to Shrink and New Boy trent Clemants arrived

Series 3Edit

nearly dated nerdy clark Kent but ended up with Frnakie

Series 4Edit

became president for the school,s Den (Best line) hit me baby one more time

Series 5Edit

another new Boy arrived named CJ in Superhrain who later became Brians sidekick and Poppy arrived to as seen by the Lockers

Series 6Edit

Mel left in this series to be in Canada but later came back in Season 7 to reveal a surprise

Series 7Edit

last episode was aired as Thanks for the/ and winter Blunderland

Series 8Edit

Although not appearing, she is referenced by Sophie before her and Brian's memory wipe.

Series 9: Comic ContinuationEdit

A decade since Brian and Sophie's departure, an older Mel is now a skilled photographer with a young daughter. She has since moved back to her former town with her siblings to await Brian and Sophie's return, but has since grown even more bitter and cynical, feeling that they have 'abandoned' them. At the start dated Frankie(Josh,s friend) but left leaving him a photo of her