Lucy Barker
Lucy Barker
Character Information
Nicknames Luce
School SMS School
Occupation Student
Gender Female
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Brian Johnson (Foster Father)
Sophie Johnson (Foster Mother)
Brothers Josh Barker
CJ (Foster Brother)
Howie (Foster Brother)
Sisters Mel Barker
Harry (Foster Sister)
Maisy (Foster Sister)
Relatives Uncle Brian (Uncle)
Aunt Sophie (Aunt)
Social Worker Mrs Reece
Production Information
First Episode Nobody's Perfect
Last Episode Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard
Series Series One to Series Seven
Played By Charlotte Francis

Lucy Barker is the youngest child of the Barker children.

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Lucy was placed in care with her brother, Josh and sister Mel after the death of their parents. Living with Brian and Sophie is one of the few foster placements where she hasn't been seperated from Josh and Mel.

My Parents Are Alien 2

Lucy Barker (far right) as she appeared in Series 7 with her family.

Her above average intelligence means she often bonds with Brian, who has an excellent scientific knowledge, despite a lack of common sense, and they often play chess or conduct chemistry experiments.(Enter the Duck, The Invosibibble Mam) Lucy loves animals, especially ponies(The Holiday, Just My Luck) and dogs,like when she found Denis and made him better as a nurse


Lucy Barker (front row, right) with her family in Series 2

better! (It's a Dog's Life)

Her best friend is Wendy Richardson, who is equally intelligent and shares Lucy's goal to become an astronaut. Lucy and Wendy are not very popular, due to their scientific interests.(When Swaps Go Bad, Worst Aid) She is very honest and moral and is often the one to set her foster parents straight in regards to Earth matters and issues. (Hot Gossip)

She easily sees through Mel and Josh's tough acts and voices their true feelings accurately. However, she sometimes lacks a sense of adventure and can be somewhat uptight and controlling. (Operation Date) Despite these traits, she is the most kind and caring character. (Million Dollar Harry).

Lucy leaves for Canada with her Aunt Sophie and Uncle Brian in Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard along with her siblings, Josh, Mel, Harry and CJ went back to Mrs Reese in another episode only a few mwmbers came back in Wheels of Misfortune part 2



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