Joshua "Josh" Barker is the middle child of the Barker children.

Apperance Edit

Josh Barker
Character Information
Gender Male
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Strawberry Blonde
Parents Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father (deceased)
Brain Barker (foster father)
Sophie Barker (foster mother)
Brothers CJ (foster brother)
Howie (foster brother)
Sisters Mel Barker (sister)
Lucy Barker (sister)
Social Worker Mrs Reece
Production Information
Played By Alex Kew

This Handsome young man has fiery red hair, which is spiked up. He is very pudgy.


Josh is devious and scheming, constantly inventing new and interesting scams to make money, and roping Brian into his latest schemes. His two best friends are Pete and Frankie. Although cunning, Josh is often outsmarted by his more quick-witted sisters, Mel and Lucy; he does not show much interest in school studies, hence his poor grades, although he has shown average signs of intelligence.

At school he normally clashes with Mr Whiteside, a strict and angry teacher who doesn't like Josh. Josh's scams sometime involved around stealing something from Whiteside, scamming him some way or trying to get out of previous trouble with him.

His interests include rollerblading, skateboarding, making money and "the gorgeous Tania Thomas". He also plays the guitar very well. Josh is most known for his scheming and betting (which almost every time he fails with.)

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Josh and Brain Johnson used to have sex together such as doggy style and other things to until he got bored and turned him into a man he even made him a slave and make him fix things for him he was even his side kick

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