Hotel Sophie is the third episode of Series Seven.


Harry gets angry with Sophie for not providing for her properly, even though she is doing the best she can. The example of this is Cold Scrambled eggs. This gives Sophie the idea of opening a hotel, so that she can at least get paid for running around after people. Josh loses £80 to Planke at poker. So when guests (a couple called the Davidsons) start to arrive at the house, Josh uses this to his own advantage: being a bell-boy. Brian causes chaos by messing with the central heating. Instead of it being forever sunny the weather in the house now depends on his mood. After losing his temper about being the lift operator,and causing thunderstorms, Sophie makes him the Barman. However his exitement shoots the heat up. When everyone is forced  into Lucy's and Harry's room, Harry vents her fustration at Brian, who is so sad this causes the other extreme: snow. It is up to Harry and Sophie to cheer Brian up. The appalled Davidsons ask for compensation:£80, what Josh has made!