Character Information
Nicknames Harry
School SMS School
Occupation Student
Gender Female
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Brian Johnson (Foster Father)
Sophie Johnson (Foster Mother)
Brothers Josh Barker (Foster Brother)
CJ (Foster Brother)
Sisters Unnamed Sister
Mel Barker (Foster Sister)
Lucy Barker (Foster Sister)
Relatives Uncle Brian (Foster Uncle)
Aunt Sophie (Foster Aunt)
Social Worker Mrs Reece
Production Information
First Episode The Trouble With Harry
Last Episode Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard
Series Series Seven
Played By Stephanie Fearon

Harriet "Harry"  is the 5th foster child of Brian and Sophie Johnson.


Harry has brown hair and brown eyes. She dresses like a tomboy (similar to Mel)


Harry is similar to Mel in personality and is also moody and feisty. Like Mel, she at times shows a caring side towards her foster family, at the beginning she shows a caring side towards Lucy when she first moves in because Lucy thinks she is replacing Mel and gets upset by it (believing she was bossing her around). In later episodes she is mainly protective over CJ because he's the youngest. Harry lost her Mum ,Dad and little sister in a house fire 2 years prior and was used to being the somewhat "bossy" older sister, she shows these traits around Lucy, Josh and CJ.


Series 7 (2005)Edit

In series 7 ("Trouble with Harry") Harry was fostered by Brian as a "replacement Mel" from the children's home after Mel moved to Canada, because Brian missed her being around. Josh, Pete and Frankie are all in competition desperate to get her attention unaware of the fact that Brian had recently fostered her (Josh had planned to go out with her). Harry begins to get annoyed with Brian as he keeps referring to her as "Mel" or "The new Mel" instead of her actual name, this is soon forgotten after her first episode. Lucy get's angry at Harry for "bossing" her around; this is when Harry explains she can't help it because she lost her mum, dad and little sister in a house fire 2 years ealier when she was at a sleepover, this is when Lucy admits she missed being bossed around by Mel and wouldn't mind if Harry did so, as long as she didn't do it "too much".

In "Thanks for all the earthworm custard" Mel tells Harry and CJ that they can come and live with aunt Sophie and Uncle Brian plus the others (Josh and Lucy) in Canada (after 7 years of the real Brian and Sophie being frozen in suspended animation) initially Harry and CJ felt left out thinking they were going back to the children's home after the others moved away and Brian and Sophie returned to Valux. CJ cries to Mel asking her what will happen to them, Harry claims she doesn't care and that she "likes" it at the children's home, Mel makes it clear to Harry that they are part of the family and are coming as well, Harry tries to hide her happiness claiming that she's "happy for CJ".