First Christmas: Part II is the tenth and last episode of the second series of My Parents Are Aliens.

Summary Edit

Mel asks Scott Taylor to the school Christmas disco, causing Trent to get jealous. Lucy is cast as Mary in the Nativity play, a part Wendy wants. Josh fills Brian and Sophie in about Christmas. Lucy gives Wendy the part of Mary in the play, but Wendy becomes extremely demanding. Mel gets cold feet and won't go to the disco, so Brian morphs into her and goes in her place. Mel finds out and rushes to the disco, only to find Brian-Mel kissing Scott, right in front of a heart-broken Trent! Mel attempts to repair the damage caused by Brian, only to find out some things about herself. The school Nativity play becomes a strain on Lucy and Wendy's friendship. Josh has nightmares and is visited by ghosts in a plotline similar to that of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'. Also Jennifer Metcalfe stars in this episode.

Full plot Edit

The Story so far Scott gets a surprise when he is asked by Mel to a christmas disco while Josh gets scared by an unwanted visiter Lucy gets a part of Mary in the Naviety play but ends up giving it to Wendy while their friendship causes havoc and a final appearence of Barbara Durkin as Sophie

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